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Body Solid EXM 4000S

Body Solid EXM 4000S Home Gym
Body Solid
  • Main Strengths
    • 4 stations
    • Versatility
    • Stability
    • Space saver
  • Where To Buy
    You can get Body Solid EXM 4000S at Amazon.com for $3949

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Body Solid EXM 4000S Review

Ultimate home gym that offers a huge range of exercises for upper and lower body. EXM 4000S can serve up to four people simultaneously with the four weight stacks of 210lbs each.

With this home gym, you will have the opportunity to really push yourself to the limits. Try chest press station, shoulder press station, pec fly, ab crunch and many other exercises that will put real strain to your muscles. And of course, there is that great feeling when working out with companions who can boost your morale. Working out in a group is something that gym members often put as their main reason for going out to exercise instead of using their own home gym. Now there is an opportunity to combine the comfort of your own home with the gym atmosphere.

It's not necessary to speak about quality of Body Solid home gyms, as they're known for their durability. Lifetime warranty is another factor that plays a role in the popularity of EXM 4000S - if you decide to purchase a behemoth such as this one, you'll want to use it for quite a while and without a hassle. It's hard to find a machine that can be compared to this Body Solid model, and you really get a good value for the money you pay.
Body Solid EXM 4000S Specifications
Manufacturer: Body Solid
Gym Size: 83" H x 133" L x 91" W
Exercise Number: N/A
Weight: 210lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $3949 at Amazon.com

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