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BodyCraft Family XPress

BodyCraft Family XPress
  • Main Strengths
    • Multi station
    • Versatility
    • Adjustable cable arm
    • Stability
  • Where To Buy
    You can get BodyCraft Family XPress at Amazon.com for $3449

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BodyCraft Family XPress Review

At this point, Family XPress is among the best home gyms that BodyCraft has to offer. Quality, versatility and price are it's main factors, making it a great product.

Multi-station home gyms are being purchased more and more by residential users who wish to combine the comfortability of home training with a wide range of exercising routines. This is one of those home gyms and it offers absolute freedom in exercising. Almost everything is adjustable so it can fit different types of people and different exercising styles. One of the most interesting features is a cable station that has adjustable arms which can be used to target any muscle in your body, a great solution for developing certain muscles if you are playing golf, basketball etc. We also have to mention ab crunch station that delivers a powerful workout for your abs and can even be used for triceps extensions.

Family XPress is a high quality home gym, made for multiple users to exercise at the same time. If your aim is set on building muscles and you have a soulmate who shares your vision, this machine is definitely for you.
BodyCraft Family XPress Specifications
Manufacturer: BodyCraft
Gym Size: 104" W x 82" H x 105" L
Exercise Number: 70
Weight: 200lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $3449 at Amazon.com

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