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BodyCraft Galena Pro

BodyCraft Galena Pro
  • Main Strengths
    • 2 stations
    • Stability
    • Versatility
    • Space saver
    • Feature packed
  • Where To Buy
    You can get BodyCraft Galena Pro at Amazon.com for $1499

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BodyCraft Galena Pro Review

Another "Best Buy" home gym from BodyCraft, Galena Pro is packed with features that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Among the first noticeable things on this home gym is the smart design that allows you to place it in a corner of your room so it saves you some much needed space. All exercises are done on one side of the machine and are covering every body part - you really are getting a total body workout. The motion is as close to natural as it can be, which is great if you are doing longer routines that can produce some muscle pain. Furthermore, BodyCraft is known for the comfortability of it's home gyms during the exercising due to natural, ergonomic motion and adjustable seats which are padded with high density foam.

If you want to dampen the noise and gain extra safety, you can purchase additional stack guards. Leg press is also optional and is recommended if you can afford it. All in all, Galena Pro is a great value home gym that should last you a lifetime and deliver great benefits to your body.
BodyCraft Galena Pro Specifications
Manufacturer: BodyCraft
Gym Size: 44" L x 76" W x 80" H
Exercise Number: N/A
Weight: 200lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $1499 at Amazon.com

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