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BodyCraft Lever Gym PL1000

BodyCraft Lever Gym PL1000
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    You can get BodyCraft Lever Gym PL1000 at Amazon.com for $519

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BodyCraft Lever Gym PL1000 Review

We could say that PL1000 is an entry level home gym for basic exercising routines, offering 20 exercises for toning your body. If you are on a budget and are after something that can help you build muscles, this could be your choice.

BodyCraft PL1000 is a well designed piece of equipment, does not require much space and you can easily change positions and weight resistance. Targeting of different muscle groups can be done by positioning bench incline as it best suits you. Folks at BodyCraft thought about safety too, and they've installed a Self-Spotting Handle so you can set the beginning and ending point of the range of motion. Ofcourse, with that kind of help you don't need a spotter.

If you have the opportunity to try working out on this machine at a gym, we recommend that you do that first. It's important that you have the right "feel" when working out, as enjoying your exercising routine is very important for your motivation and results.
BodyCraft Lever Gym PL1000 Specifications
Manufacturer: BodyCraft
Gym Size: 86" H x 48" W x 115" L
Exercise Number: 20
Weight: N/A
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $519 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon.com

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