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BodyCraft Mini-XPress

BodyCraft Mini-XPress
  • Main Strengths
    • Adjustable cable arm
    • Price
    • Versatility
    • Space saver
    • Upgradeable weight
  • Where To Buy
    You can get BodyCraft Mini-XPress at Amazon.com for $799

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BodyCraft Mini-XPress Review

This home gym has been rated a Best Buy by many relevant sources. Mini-XPress represents a versatile home gym unit that will suit both beginners and advanced users with it's weight capacity and number of muscles it can target.

With the help of over 50 exercises, you will have the opportunity to build up your body, have interesting workouts and feel rejuvenated after each one of them. Weight capacity is upgradeable to 400lbs, with weight plates and 150lbs weight stack, so you won't have a problem with challenging yourself. The best thing about Mini-XPress is its Adjustable Cable Arm. You will be able to perform a wide array of exercises for different muscle groups. Movement is completely unrestricted, your imagination is the only limit in creating an exercising routine.

BodyCraft Mini-XPress home gym is a home gym worth considering as it has a great price/value ratio. Large number of workouts, big weight resistance, space saving design and all that for a price of a yearly gym membership. You really get a great value for your money.
BodyCraft Mini-XPress Specifications
Manufacturer: BodyCraft
Gym Size: 60" L x 36" W x 82" H
Exercise Number: 50
Weight: 400lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $799 at Amazon.com

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