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Bodycraft Strata

Bodycraft Strata
  • Main Strengths
    • Flat bench
    • Stability
    • Pec dec instead cable arms
    • Space saver
  • Where To Buy
    You can get Bodycraft Strata at Amazon.com for $1599

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Bodycraft Strata Review

"Life is complicated enough", read the first sentence of one BodyCraft Strata home gym description, and that's why BodyCraft decided to make this home gym as simple as possible, without any new or extra features.

Probably the first thing you will notice is the non-adjustable bench which was once a standard on all home gyms. You'll have the opportunity to try lying hamstring curls which are time-saving in comparison to one legged standing hamstring curls. Also, pec dec is now doable with dumbbell handles. Comfortability and flexibility are on a high level, high enough for serious athletes with great results in mind.

Compare Strata home gym to some other BodyCraft home gyms if you are looking for more options - BodyCraft Galena Pro is a good choice, it's cheaper and has been named a "Best Buy" home gym by various sources.
Bodycraft Strata Specifications
Manufacturer: BodyCraft
Gym Size: 104" L x 44" W x 82" H
Exercise Number: N/A
Weight: 200lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $1599 at Amazon.com

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