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Weider MAX Resistance System

Weider MAX Resistance System
  • Main Strengths
    • Price
    • Upgradeable weight
    • Versatility
    • Space saver

Weider MAX Resistance System Review

MAX is a typical Weider gym model. It's an improvement over Weider Vision Home Gym and has both upper and lower body workout.

You will be able to use leg press and leg extension to improve your muscles and give your legs a definition. Also, adjustable leg restraint enables users of different sizes to perform exercises with proper support. This comes in handy because you can adjust everything according to your own preferences and achieve maximum comfortability. There's also an option of targeting same muscle groups with different types of exercises which is very useful in battling boredom that comes with repetitive movements.

Weider has taken care of different types of users with this gym, not only with the adjustable leg restraint, but also with the possibility of upgrading resistance to 440lb. It means that MAX Resistance System Gym can be used by both beginners and more demanding users and for a price like this, it's quite a bargain.
Weider MAX Resistance System Specifications
Manufacturer: Weider
Gym Size: 80" L x 66" W x 82" H
Exercise Number: 65
Weight: 440lbs
Warranty: 5 years frame

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