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Weider Total Body Works 5000

Weider Total Body Works 5000
  • Main Strengths
    • Price
    • Upgradeable weight
    • Versatility
    • Space saver
    • Flexibility

Weider Total Body Works 5000 Review

An interesting piece of equipment that comes from Weider. There are only words of praise for this home gym because it offers so much for a really low price.

With Total Body Works 5000 you will be able to do more then 100 (yes, one hundred) exercises to give your body a definition and build muscle mass. Resistance can be increased and, by doing so, you will need to strain harder in order to do the exercise routine. The machine itself is very sturdy and somewhat heavy, so you'll be able to exercise properly without any technical problems. It is foldable so you can store it after the workout. While noise may occur on some models, that is very rare and is nothing that should keep you from using Total Body Works 5000.

If you're after a low priced and easily storable exercise machine, this could be your best choice. Plenty of exercises to choose from on a durable and comfortable machine for a lowest price possible.
Weider Total Body Works 5000 Specifications
Manufacturer: Weider
Gym Size: 49" H x 26" W x 71" L
Exercise Number: 100
Weight: Varies
Warranty: 90 days

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