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Weider Vision

Weider Vision
  • Main Strengths
    • Price
    • Space saver
    • Versatility

Weider Vision Review

This is one of the simpler models that got out of Weider's production facilities. It offers a workout that is comparable to Weider's best models for only one 1/4 of the cost.

You'll be getting plenty of different exercises from Weider Vision Home Gym. The possibility of upper body improvement has never been better at this price. An amazing number of 50 exercises for upper body with a maximum of 240lbs resistance is really worth mentioning.

This is a machine that offers great value, considering the quality of production, number of exercises, compact design, comfort, durability and a great warranty. Weider Vision delivers all that for a very affordable price.
Weider Vision Specifications
Manufacturer: Weider
Gym Size: 80" L x 66" W x 82" H
Exercise Number: 50
Weight: 240lbs
Warranty: 5 years

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